Chinese Classical Music - Music of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Track List:
1. Autumn Meditation at Dongting Lake (Qin, Xiao and Erhu)
2. Sunny Spring (Qin solo)
3. Fishing Tune (Qin song)
4. Concubine Xiang’s Sorrow (Qin solo)
5. Dressing Table (Xiao and orchestra)
6. Wearing Orchid (Qin solo)
7. Chao Yuan Song (Qin, Xiao and Pipa)
8. Crow Croaking at Night (Qin solo)
9. Tune of Happy Evening (Qin solo)
10. Story of Pipa - Eating Chaff (Aria of Southern drama)
11. Tale of Washing Dress - Encirclement (Aria of Kunqu opera)

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WoW!!! Great Music!!! Thanks for this classic music!!! I love chinese music!! Thanks!!!