Pussycat Dolls - Wait A Minute: Exclusive Collection/VIP Media (2007)

Main Tracks:
01 Stickwitu feat. Avant (RnB Remix)
02 Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) (Remix)
03 We Went As Far As We Fell Like Going
04 Don’t Cha (Live Studio Version)
05 Don’t Cha (instrumental)
06 Beep (Instrumental)
07 Stickwitu (Instrumental)
08 Buttons (Instrumental)
09 Buttons (Accapella)
10 Beep (Extended Video Dance Break)
11 Buttons (Featuring Snoop Dogg Acapella)
12 I don´t need a man (Instrumental)
13 Wait A Minute (Acapella)
14 Wait A Minute (Instrumental)
15 Right Now(NBA Version)
16 Dont Cha (Simlish Version)
17 Dont Cha (Lil Jon Remix)
18 Beep (Clean Album Edit)
19 Dont Cha (no rap Radio Version)

Extra Tracks:
01 Flirt
02 Feat. Busta Rhymes-Don`t Cha (Extended Mix)
03 Dont Cha (No Rap Version)
04 Sway(Unoffical Karaoke)
05 Stomp(New Live Version)
06 Bite The Dust (VipMedia Radio Edit)
07 Feat. Ying Yang Twins - Buttons (Remix)
08 Buttons (Dave Aude Button Fly Edit)
09 I Don’t Need A Man (Honda Tour Mix)
10 Wait a minute (Alternative mix)
11 Stickwitu (Dave Aude Radio Edit)

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