Chamillionaire - Ultimate Victory (2007)

Track List:
01. The Morning News [Prod by Kane Beatz] 3:58
02. Hip Hop Police (ft. Slick Rick) [Prod by JR Rotem] 4:11
03. Standing Ovation [Prod by Kane Beatz] 4:27
04. Won't Let You Down [Prod by Kane Beatz] 4:37
05. Industry Groupie (ft. KC) [Produced by JR Rotem] 3:32
06. Pimp Mode (ft. Bun B) [Prod by Happy Perez] 5:22
07. Rock Star (ft. Lil Wayne) [Prod by The Beat Bullies] 5:00
08. Skit (ft. Spanky Hayes) 3:04
09. The Bill Collector (ft. Krayzie Bone) [Prod by Play-N-Skillz] 3:51
10. The Ultimate Vacation [Prod by The Beat Bullies) 4:05
11. Come Back to the Streets [Prod by The Runners] 4:52
12. I Think I Love You [Prod by The Beat Bullies] 4:43
13. Evening News [Prod by Kane Beatz] 4:08
14. Welcome to the South (ft. Pimp C) [Prod by Kane Beatz] 4:12
15. You Must Be Crazy (ft. Famous) [Prod by Dave M.G.] 4:54
16. Stuck in the Ghetto (Skit) (ft. Tony Henry)
17. We Breakin Up [Prod by Chops] 4:40
18. Rocky Road (ft. Devin the Dude) [Prod by Happy Perez]
19. The Ultimate Victory [Prod by Happy Perez] 3:11

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