Westlife - Unbreakable Vol. 1 Greatest Hits

Track List:
01. Swear It Again (Radio Edit)
02. If I Let You Go (Radio Edit)
03. Flying Without Wings
04. I Have A Dream (Remix)
05. Fool Again (2000 Remix)
06. Against All Odds (With Mariah Carey)
07. My Love (Radio Edit)
08. I Lay My Love On You
09. Uptown Girl (Radio Edit)
10. Queen Of My Heart (Radio Edit)
11. World Of Our Own (US Mix)
12. Bop Bop Baby
13. When Youre Looking Like That (Single Remix)
14. Unbreakable (Single Remix)
15. Written In The Stars
16. How Does It Feel
17. Tonight
18. Love Takes Two
19. Miss The Nights
20. Flying Without Wings (Featuring BoA) (Bonus Track)

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