Michael Johnson - Then & Now

Track List:
1. Almost Like Being In Love
2. Happier Days
3. Whenever I Call You Friend
4. This Night Won't Last Forever
5. The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder
6. That's That
7. Bluer Than Blue
8. Cryin' Shame
9. Give Me Wings
10. I'll Always Love You

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solopoesie said...

Trying, Trying the blogger they are found to me in yours blog. I would have much intentional one to read yours written because I love the reading very but knowing your language I have not had rinunciarci.
Mine blog and only poetries ...... You want to visit it? …. You aspettto
Thanks. Lina

ZhenJin said...

Hey Lina! Nice of you to drop a line on my blog and appreciate the music herein. I know you've tried so hard to write in english though I can understand your difficulty. Hmm...but poems? sure, but where's the link. Hope you could drop by again and show me to your own blog of poetry.

Thanks friend!


Adylon Marasigan said...

hello music2share. michael johnson's then & now album link is already dead.. can i ask for a new link? thank you very much!